You have prepared a project. You are ready to fill out an online form? You need to fill in all the mandatory fields in all five form sections:

When you have completed the form, press „NEXT“ button to switch on the project translation page. Here you select the language you want to translate your project in. If you have a project originally written in English, translation into other languages is not compulsory.

An English translation is required for all projects that are not written in English.

Translation is also entered in the form. The left fields are filled in the original language of the project, and translation in the selected language is entered in the right blank fields.

Once you enter the translation in selected language, you need to save it by pressing „SAVE“ button. Then you have the option to choose from the language menu over the form another language you want to translate your project in or to click on „SEND“ button to submit the project to Platform administrator for approval.

If the project meets the standards of the platform, it will be published thereon at the latest within 72 hours. Otherwise, administrators will return you the project for review, indicating the elements that need to be improved.

When project has been published on the Platform, you have no ability to change it until its expiration. However, in the „Updates“ section, you can enter new or additional information concerning your project.

This information should be translated into all the languages in which your project has been published and approved by the Platform administrator.

Po isteku projekta, vaša aktivnost na platformi se ne završava...
Ukoliko vaš „Sve ili ništa“ projekat nije ostvario finansijski cilj možete ga ponovo postaviti na platformu ideaFunder$. Više o tome na linku Ponavljanje projekta.

At the end of the project you may also set up awards and other products in the online Funder$HOP store to make hem available to users who have not been able to see and support your project while active on the Platform.

When raising money for your project ends on ideaFunder$ platform, your project becomes visible in „MY STORE“ section in your user profile. There you can edit the content of your online store (items you sell, prices, quantities available, delivery terms and conditions).

For each product, you can also add translations for languages in which you want your product to be available.

All users of ideaFunder$ platform are able to purchase products from your store.

Therefore, you can sell your products on the Internet without additional costs and the integration of expensive e-shop solutions for a fee of 9% that you pay to the platform only from the items sold.

We recommend to share the link to your store in Funder$HOP with your friends on social networks.

Use all opportunities offered by ideaFunder$!