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Welcome to ideaFunder$!

CrowdFunding ideaFunder$ platform is an Internet tool designed and developed by the company SmartSystemSolution Ltd. with the aim of promoting promising socio-beneficial projects and raising funds for their implementation and it is a gathering place for different groups of people with a common goal - to make life in this region better.

KorisUsing CrowdFunding ideaFunder$ platform is regulated by the Terms of Use as follows:

1. General Provisions

Using this site (hereinafter ,,Platform") and the services we provide on the Platform (hereinafter ,,Services") you agree to legally binding terms of use of the Platform (the ,,Terms"). ,,Author" in terms of these Terms is a registered user who placed the project on the Platform. ,,Funder" in terms of these Terms is a registered user who has financially supported the project on the Platform. By accepting these Terms, you agree to the Platform privacy policy.

If necessary, we reserve the right to change these Terms. If there are changes to these Terms, you'll be promptly informed by notification on the Platform and/or e-mail 15 days before the entry into force of the new Terms. If you continue to use the Platform and Services after the change of Terms, it means you have read and accepted the new terms.

2. Registration

Platform content review is open to all Platform visitors. However, only registered users can use the Platform at full capacity. Registered users can edit their profiles, send and receive messages, post comments, prepare and post a project, finance other projects, use the services of ideaFunder$HOP.

You can register at the ideaFunder$ Platform as:

We reserve the right to ask you a proof on date of birth of the natural person and proof of registration of the legal entity that is registered on the Platform.

With the basic registration, it is necessary to choose a username, enter your valid e-mail address, choose and confirm a password, and indicate whether you register as a legal or natural person. Username must not be offensive in terms of racial, national or religious affiliation and sexual orientation, nor endanger other people's copyright and similar rights. Any false representation, use and misuse of others' names and identities are forbidden.

If you have completed all fields, the Platform creates your profile and you will automatically receive an activation e-mail. Click on the link from the e-mail message to authorize the profile. From that moment, you are responsible for your profile, keeping passwords and your activity on the Platform.

If somebody is misusing your profile, change your password immediately and alert us to: profile@ideafunders.net

3. User Profile

Registered users of the Platform have their own user profile. They edit the profile themselves. They can change the password, edit personal information and the like.
The registered user has to fill in all the required fields in the profile (fields marked with *) to start a project on the ideaFunder$ Platform.

The information that you enter in the profile and the project must be accurate and complete. If you do not follow these rules, we reserve the right to suspend your profile.

4. Behavior on ideaFunder$ Platform

IdeaFunder$ Platform is a gathering place for the community that has a high awareness of the social and economic responsibility and promotes a system of universal values - here we appreciate labor, knowledge, creativity and integrity.

It is necessary that everyone is and remains positive, especially good, honest and honorable in order to keep the ideaFunder$ Patform a place where people like to come knowing they are doing good for themselves and others. Together, behaving responsibly we can make our environment a better place to live in!

Users and visitors of the Platform are expected to respect the rules of conduct.

Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you!

Do not publish and/or place on the Platform the content that:

We especially emphasize, not to:

5. Services

IdeaFunder$ Platform allows users:

Platform maintains statistics of visits, number of registered users, number and type of set projects, collected funds and the like.

In addition to basic services Platform provides and/or mediates in the provision of additional services:

6. Projects

Registered Platform users, who completed the required fields in the user's profile can post projects on the Platform, provided that the projects meet the Platform standards of content and materials quality and are not in conflict with the law and these Terms.

The project is prepared in the selected language and set in the project base for that language.

The project must be translated into English, to make it available to CrowdFunding community worldwide. Projects in English are set in the base of international projects regardless of where the authors come from and where the projects are implemented.

Each author on the Platform can only have one active project and an unlimited number of projects in construction.

To post the project on the Platform you have to fill out all required fields of the form in the ,,START A PROJECT".

If you start and do not finish filling out the form, the project with the entered data will be saved in your user profile under ,,PROJECT IN CONSTRUCTION".

The project is published on the Platform when it is approved by the project audit team. As a rule, the project audit team reviews your project within 72 hours from the time you send it on the Platform, and if there are no objections, the project is placed on the Platform. If your project does not meet the standards for the Platform, the administrator will return you the project for review, with clearly marked elements to be finalized and suggestions on how to do it.

Posted projects cannot be changed and edited. If you have any new or additional information, you can enter it in the update section in the public view of the posted project, but it must not be in conflict with the basic elements of your project, such as the financial target, change of award, type of project and the like.

Projects under construction can be changed and edited until you send them on the Platform.

Each project must contain:

Humanitarian projects can only receive donations.

Non-commercial projects can receive donations and be supported in the form of reward-based CrowdFunding.

Commercial projects can receive donations and be supported in the form of reward- and equity-based CrowdFunding.

The ,,Whatever-You-Pledge" project means that upon completion of the project, regardless of whether you have achieved the financial target or not, i.e. collected the required amount, you receive the funds raised, net of Platform commission and financial services costs.

The ,,All-or-Nothing" project means that if upon the project completion you did not achieve the financial goal, i.e. did not collect the required amount, you get nothing and the funders get back the funds they pledged for your project.

After completion of the project the authors can set up and sell awards and/or their product on-line at ideaFunder$HOP.

IdeaFunder$ Platform reserves the right not to post a project if:

7. Project Support

Funders voluntarily support projects presented on the Platform according to their convictions and on their own responsibility.

Ogranicenja za podrsku projekata:

Financial transactions are conducted in a safe ,,PayPal" portal.

The support funds for ,,All-or-Nothing" projects are not withdrawn from the funder's account or card, but reserved until the end of the project. If the project collects the necessary funds i.e. achieves financial goal within the stipulated time, reserved funds are removed from the funder's account.

The support funds for ,,Whatever-You-Pledge" projects are immediately withdrawn from the funder's account or card, regardless of the final outcome of the project, i.e. whether the project collects the necessary funds and achieves financial goal within the deadline.

8. Prices, Costs and Payments

Registration and project posting on the Platform are free.

IdeaFunder$ Platform charges for its services by commission only and exclusively from the funds collected per scale:




Humanitarian projects



Non-commercial projects



Commercial projects



The cost of the financial service charges ,,PayPal" (at its current price list) for all categories of projects, including humanitarian projects. These costs include the provision of funds raised and a fixed fee for each transaction (payment) and can vary from country to country.

IdeaFunder$HOP provision is 9.0% for online sales of all items.

The costs of on-line sales financial services in ideaFunder$HOP are the same as for the collection of funds for implementation of CrowdFunding projects.

All commissions are paid by project authors, before payment of the funds collected.

The costs of additional services will be contracted on a case-by-case basis depending on the project, the complexity of services and the actual costs.

9. Payments

Payment of the total collected funds, net of Platform commission and financial services costs is carried out for successful ,,All-or-Nothing" projects in accordance with the ,,PayPal" rules.

Payment of collected funds, net of Platform commission and financial services costs is carried out for all ,,Whatever-You-Pledge" projects in accordance with the ,,PayPal" rules.

10. Guarantees

The Platform does not provide any guarantee as to the availability, quality or accuracy of the Platform content.

Funders are aware that there is a risk of project financing and that the project Author is solely responsible for the realization of their project and the reward delivery.

For IdeaFunder$ Platform it is very important that the raised funds are spent as intended, i.e. as the Authors stated in their projects, and the Platform will notify users in ,,News" section on the status and implementation of projects.

If Authors do not fulfill their obligations to a Funder or inappropriately spend funds their account will be suspended, and the information entered on the black list of irresponsible authors and divided with all platforms worldwide.

Platform establishes a mechanism for monitoring and control of project realization and fulfillment of author's obligations towards funders. However, we bear no liability for unfulfilled obligations of authors towards funders.

If Funders have comments on a project or an author, their duty is to notify us by e-mail at the following address: claims@ideafunders.net

11. Responsibility

IdeaFunder$ Platform cannot guarantee the provision of 24/7 service, and therefore is not liable for downtime during regular maintenance, force majeure, technical problems and faults. We will certainly do our best to rectify the gaps as quickly as possible, within realistic and actual possibilities.

IdeaFunder$ Platform is not responsible for any damages or losses relating to your use of the Service, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of revenue, business interruption and loss incurred in connection with these Terms or the inability to use our Services or Platform in its entirety.

IdeaFunder$ Platform is not and cannot be responsible for any third party claims against the Platform users.

Users are solely responsible for the use of the Platform.

Authors of the projects are directly morally and materially responsible for fulfilling their obligations towards funders.

IdeaFunder$ Platform is not responsible for any disputes of Platform users, and will not mediate or arbitrate in resolving any disputes between the Author and the Funder.

12. Copyright and Related Rights

Users can use copyright material which is owned by ideaFunder$ Platform in order to promote their own projects published on the Platform.

Users of the Platform will not publish materials that do not have a copyright or related right unless they have permission from the owner.

In the case of claims of third parties for unauthorized use of copyright material it will be immediately removed from the Platform. All responsibility for unauthorized use of copyright material, including the possible payment of damages to the rightful owner, is borne solely by the user who has published such material.

By publishing copyright content on the ideaFunder$ Platform users renounce to the Platform right to use the content without time and territorial restrictions, which implies permission for editing and processing of such content (translation, adaptation of formats, pallets, etc.).

No copyright content published on the ideaFunder$ Platform, can be used for commercial purposes without prior consent of the rightful owner.

13. Third Party Portals

Third party portals, even when they are directly linked to the Platform, are independent of ideaFunder$ Platform and access to these portals is the sole risk and responsibility of the user.

The information that users enter into the third party portals, for example. when they use ,,Facebook", ,,Twitter", ,,Google+", ,,YouTube" or make payments via ,,PayPal" or ,,Fortumo" , is the responsibility of the owners of these portals and is subject to their terms of use and their privacy policy.

IdeaFunder$ Platform is not responsible for the operation of third-party portals, the accuracy of the information on these portals, the legality of their work and business, and will not be responsible for any damages or losses that users can suffer when using third-party portals.

14. Privacy Policy

IdeaFunder$ Platform does not share personal data of users with third parties, except where necessary (e.g. partners who provide financial services) to provide CrowdFunding services.

Exceptionally, ideaFunder$ Platform reserves the right to disclose personal data of users:

The information you provide us may be stored on servers in third countries, irrespective of where you are or where the seat of the ideaFunder$ Platform or its owner is.

15. Transfer of Rights and Liabilities

Customers may not assign their rights or obligations arising from use of Platform to third parties without the prior written consent of the ideaFunder$ Platform. This applies particularly to implementation of launched projects, award delivery and fulfillment of other obligations towards funders, Platform and third parties who are involved in the project, in terms of the cost of additional and financial services

IdeaFunder$ Platform retains the right to cede its rights and liabilities to the third party without user's prior consent, provided that it will duly inform Platform users thereof by e-mail or post on the site.

16. Indemnification

Customers are responsible for the damage caused to ideaFunder$ Platform or third parties in violation of these Terms and agree to compensate the amount of actual costs.

17. Dispute Resolution

Parties will try to settle amicably the disputes that may arise between the user and the Platform from using the ideaFunder$ Platform. Otherwise, disputes will be resolved in international arbitration proceedings before Vienna Arbitration Tribunal. The judgment rendered by this Court is final and binding.

18. Miscellaneous

These Terms shall enter into force on 15 April 2015.

These Terms and other materials referred therein represent the Contract between the user and the Platform and the only relevant document that governs our relations. By accepting these Terms all previous communication (whether oral, written or electronic) between the user and the Platform becomes void.

Platform reserves the right to suspend or permanently extinguish the profile of the user who violates these Terms and/or generally accepted rules of conduct.