Starting the project

You know that your idea is perfect and we believe it. It is necessary that other people believe in its success and financially support its implementation. But it will not happen by itself. It does not happen with the largest CrowdFunding platforms either. You need to turn your idea into a quality project that simply calls people to support you financially.

Posting projects on the ideaFunder$ platform is only possible for registered users. Regardless of whether your project is humanitarian, non-commercial or commercial it has to meet high standards in terms of content and quality of materials.

When you set up a project on the platform, run a campaign on social networks. Animate your friends and acquaintances to look at your project and if they are able to help you ... if not financially, at least by „like“ or „share“ of your project. Do not forget that your friends' friends have their friends.

Each author can run up to four projects per year.

If you have any questions, doubts and concerns send us an e-mail to: support@ideafunders.net