Running a project

Great! You have prepared a project and posted it on the ideaFunder$ platform. Keep in mind that things will not go by themselves. Now it is necessary to maximally engage, start and run a campaign for a successful implementation of the project.

There are projects that are so good, interesting and intriguing to move CrowdFunding community from all over the world. However, most of the projects receive support, at least at the beginning of the campaign, from people who know the authors...

Animate your friends and acquaintances. Ask them to look at your project on the ideaFunder$ platform and if they are able to help you ... if not financially at least, by ,,like" or ,,share" of your project on the social networks. Do not forget that your friends' friends have friends. Take advantage of all the opportunities that the Internet provides.

Announce your project

Prepare the text with a brief description of your project. It must emphasize the most interesting details, awards that will interest people and a link to your project on the platform.

Make a list of relatives, friends and partners - pay special attention to those in the diaspora.

Send an e-mail to close friends and family members. Keep in mind that they can be the first to support your project. Remember: an email is enough! Do not send it twice to the same address. Never send an e-mail to people who do not know you. They will perceive it as a ,,spam" and you and everything you do as frivolous or malicious. You do not need it!

The next important step in your campaign takes place on social networks. Use your ,,Facebook" profile to share information about your project. Do the same on the ,,Twitter" and other networks where you have a profile. If you do not have a profile, be sure to create one and form a circle of friends. Form a support group for your project.

Regularly publish ,,posts" in connection with your project. For example, post the project team photo, share a link to the project on the platform, a link to a video presentation of the project on ,,YouTube", present rewards ... Invite your friends on social networks to ,,like", ,,share" and comment on your ,,posts". If you are able, advertise the project on social networks...

Forums, local and specialized portals are the perfect place to start a story about your project. Do not forget that your project is important to you, but even more important in a community. Your project will change the life of someone - of course in a positive way.
Do not be discouraged by criticism and negative comments on the forums. Confront them with counter-arguments, but remember to be always nice and polite.

Get active

After you have successfully announced your project, include communication with the CrowdFunding community in your daily agenda till the end of the campaign.

When you're done with the morning rush, check whether someone has sent e-mail in connection with the project. If so, please respond immediately. The answer should be clear and concise.

Visit the ideaFunder$ platform and check the status of your project. Any new payment? Are there any new comments, if someone has sent a message? Be active on the platform. Collect points. See other projects. If you can, support a project. Send comments. Be positive to other authors - this will draw attention to yourself and your project. Be sure that the users' behavior with you will match your behavior to them.

See reactions to your ,,posts" on social networks. Is there a new ,,likes", ,,shares", comments... Answer them, ,,like" them.

Check out what's going on forums and portals where you started the story of your project. Respond to each comment. It is important that people see that you are active. It shows your commitment to the project. As a rule, the successful projects are backed by charismatic authors, who know all about their project and believe in its success...

Create a media spectacle

If possible, arrange a presentation of your project. Gather friends and people from your surroundings and tell the story of your project in a casual atmosphere with a cocktail. If you have friends who are public figures, ask them to say a word about your project and publicly support it. Do everything for the presentation to be relaxed, just like the atmosphere. Invite media representatives at the presentation. Do not forget to provide a computer with internet access where the interested parties will be able to see the project and support it on-line.

If you are not able to organize such a socializing event, simply inform the media about what you are doing. Tell them a short and intriguing story about your project ... Focus on the benefits that the community gets by the realization of your project. A good reporter will always tell a good story.


If you are not sure that you can do it all by yourself, and there is noone in your team or environment to do it for you, please contact one of the certified platform partners. They will do it for you at a high professional level.