Pregled sadržaja na platformi ideaFunder$ omogućen je svim posjetiocima, ali je korišćenje platforme u punom kapacitetu moguće samo za registrovane korisnike. Registrovani korisnici mogu uređivati svoj profil, slati i primati poruke, postavljati komentare, pripremati i postavljati projekte, finansirati druge projekte, koristiti usluge ideaFunder$HOP-a...

Registracija na platformi ideaFunder$ je besplatna i jednostavna. Pokreće se klikom na link Registracija u gornjem desnom uglu ekrana (header).

On the ,,Registration" page you have to fill in all fields:

Make sure to select whether to register as a private or legal person!

If you have filled in required fields, by clicking on ,,REGISTER", your profile is created on the platform and the system automatically sends you an email with profile activation link. From that moment you are responsible for your profile, keeping the password and your activity on the platform.

When a registered user logs on to the platform, the display of all content is in the selected (primary) language. This display can be changed by clicking on the world map in the header and selecting another display language.

All user activities, from writing comments and messages to launching the projects are in user's selected (primary) language. Primary language can be changed by selecting another language from the drop down menu ,,Language" in the ,,MY PROFILE" if the user has no project under consruction.

If you suspect that somebody is misusing your profile, change your password immediately and send us an e-mail notification on abuses at: profile@ideafunders.net