Support of the project

Funders voluntarily, by their convictions and at their own risk support projects presented on the ideaFunder$ Platform. This support is financial and can be in the form of donations, reward-based or equity-based crowdfunding.

Projects in need of financial support are presented on ideaFunder$ Platform. Projects can be reviewed by clicking ,,EXPLORE PROJECTS" button below header (Figure 1) or ,,SUPPORT A PROJECT" button on the home page (Figure 2).

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

By clicking ,,SUPPORT A PROJECT" button you will be redirected to explore project page (Figure 3). All projects are classified in the appropriate categories (Figure 4).

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

Depending on chosen categories only projects from selected categories will be displayed (Figure 5).

Figure 5.

Clicking the project, page with detailed description of the project will open. Below video presentation of the project you will find tabs:

Figure 6.

By clicking ,,Support" button in the selected project you will be redirected to support options page (Figure 7):

Figure 7.

Enter amount of your donation ,,Donation" section and press ,,Confirm" button (Figure 8) to switch to recapitulation page. By clicking ,,Donate using PayPal" button (Figure 9) on recapitulation page you are redirected to safe ,,PayPal" portal where you complete transaction.

Figure 8.

Figure 9.

In the ,,Reward" section choose one of the offered awards and press the ,,Confirm" to switch onto the cost summary recapitulation page. Since this is an award for financial support, it is necessary to enter the delivery data (where you want the award to be delivered). By clicking ,,Pay using PayPal" you are redirected to ,,PayPal" safe portal to complete the transaction.

In both cases, it is necessary to choose whether your user name will be publicly displayed or your support will be anonymous to other users of the platform.

Restrictions on the project support: