Project Preparation

Keep in mind that ideas, no matter how good, are not realized overnight. Take all the time in the world to carefully prepare your project in detail and plan all your activities - it's about your project, and good preparation is half the work!

Posted project can not be changed or edited. If you have any new or additional information, you can enter it in the ,,Update" section of your set project, but it must not be in conflict with the basic elements of your project, such as the financial target, change of award, type of project and the like.

We recommend you to download the document „Off-line form“ for the legal or natural persons from the „Start a project“ page, depending on how you registered. These documents are intended for the preparation of projects and contain all the elements of an on-line form to set up the project. So, you do not need to be online to well prepare your project.

If you want our translators to translate your project you need to provide us with a request for a translation of the project. Translation services are charged in accordance with valid price-list (10 EUR per page up to 400 words).

We give some useful tips that will make project preparation easier ... Instructions for the preparation of projects:


Project title:

Project title should be short and striking, and reflect the essence of the project at first glance.

We recommend that you enter the title in the first field, and purpose of the project in the second field (what the project is about, its purpose...).

Preparation of the commercial project for ideaFunder$ platform


Choose a cover photo of the project from your computer - a photograph or illustration in jpg, png, bmp or gif format, resolution 600x600 px. Make sure your cover image is ready to alert and raise interest of the platform users to click on your project, look at how you presented it and make a decision to financially support it.

NOTE: The images you upload to the platform must be owned by you or another author, for the usage of which you have approval. Unauthorized copyright material will be removed from the platform and your account suspended. You are solely responsible for copyright infringement.

Financial goal:

Enter the amount you need for the project.

Preporučujemo da iznos potrebnih sredstava definišete realno, tako da možete realizovati projekat i ispuniti obaveze prema funderima.

Korisno je, ali ne obavezno,  pripremiti grafički prikaz planirane raspodjele potrebnih sredstava (npr. troškovi pripreme, realizacije, marketinga, obrtna sredstva, troškovi nagrada i sl.) i isti uključiti u detaljan opis projekta.

Prema CrowdFunding statistici od ukupno prikupljenih sredstava za realizaciju projekta treba planirati od 60-70%, dok za nagrade izdvojiti između 30-40%.  

Trajanje projekta:

Unesite broj dana koliko ćete prikupljati sredstva tj. koliko dugo će projekat biti aktivan.

Preporučujemo da za trajanje projekta izaberete period od 45-60 dana. Ovaj rok se podrazumijeva počev od dana postavljanja projekta na platformu.

Maksimalno trajanje projekta je 60 dana, ali ga u fazi pripreme projekta možete produžiti na max. 90 dana, tako što ćete ideaTokenima dokupiti do 30 dana.

Sve informacije u vezi sa ideaToken-ima su dostupne u vašem korisničkom panelu u tabu „MOJI TOKENI“.


From the drop-down menu, select the country/entity where the project is implemented.

Nature of the project:

Highlight the category of the project.

If your project is raising funds for medical treatment, helping the needy ones and the victims of the natural disasters highlight ,,Humanitarian project" in the drop-down menu and select one of the offered categories.

If your project is raising funds for education, sport, arts and culture or the needs of a particular community, highlight ,,Non-commercial Project" from the drop down menu and select one of the offered categories. If you selected ,,Other", enter the area that best describes the nature of your project.

If your project is raising funds to start or develop production of new products, services and the like, highlight the ,,Commercial Project" from the drop down menu and select one of the offered categories. If you selected ,,Other", enter the area that best describes the nature of your project.

Project type:

Mark the type of the project, i.e. the way in which funds are collected:





,,All-or-Nothing" understands that only successful project (project which raised a minimum of 90% of requested amount within stipulated time) receives raised funds deducted for platforms fee (6% for non-commercial, ie. 7.5% for commercial projects) and the costs of financial services.

,,Whatever-You-Pledge" understands that the project, regardless of whether it raises requested funds or not within stipulated time, receives raised funds deducted for platforms fee (10% for non-commercial ie. 12% for commercial projects) and the costs of financial services.

Platform does not charge a fee for humanitarian projects, so raised funds are deducted only for the costs of financial services.

Type of funding:

In addition to donations, which are allowed for all categories by default , for non-commercial projects you can choose reward-based crowdfunding. In addition to donations, you can choose both reward-based and equity-based crowdfunding for commercial projects.


Reward-based financing


Donation means that the project receives donations of up to max. 2,000 US$ from each single funder. Author of the project has no obligation to the funders. Still, it's nice to thank people who help you!

This type of financing is allowed for all projects.

Funding for the award is the type of financing in which the author of the project determines the awards and their value. The value of individual award should not exceed USD 100 and cannot be subject of the project, i.e. the author undertakes not to offer as awards the goods or services that do not exist at the time of the project set-up. The author undertakes to deliver the selected awards to the funders who financially supported the project. This type of financing is limited to max. four awards worth up to 100 dollars per one funder. It means that one funder can support the project with the amount up to USD 400 and get a maximum of 4 awards..

This type of financing is allowed for all projectsNon-commercial and Commercial projects.

Investing is a type of financing in which the author of the project offers a percentage participation in the company or project...

Investment transactions are not carried out on the Platform. Funders are only declaring their interest by preliminary booking of the share in project.

This type of financing is allowed for Commercial projects only.

Preparation of the project:

Mark whether you prepared the project independently or with the help of a certified platform partner.


Enter ,,YouTube" video link that represents the project.

If the video is not uploaded to ,,YouTube"", contact the platform administrator and they will help you to set your video to the platform.

Video must be in wmv, flv or mp4 format, and 720p resolutions and up to 2 minutes long.

Make sure you prepare the project promo video professionally, to draw attention and raise interest of the funders to financially support your project. If you are unable to do so independently, send us an e-mail to the following address: services@ideafunders.net

Brief description of the project:

We recommend that you summarize in a few sentences the most important characteristics of your project (project purpose, who is it for, what makes it special...)

Detailed description of the project:

We recommend that you enter into the text editor the important details about the project with as little text, and as many as possible pictures, illustrations, animations, video content. A picture is worth a thousand words

Make sure to be creative with the detailed description of your project. It is important that platform visitors find your project interesting. More importantly, your presentation should radiate optimism and confidence that you are doing the right thing for yourself and the community.

If your project is of non-commercial or commercial nature and includes award CrowdFunding, be creative in terms of awards you offer. Although the awards are set and presented in a separate tab, it is worth announcing them to the funders in the detailed description of the project (perhaps even as an image), in order to provide additional interest for support to your project.

It is also good to present here your team that designed the project and will realize it. The credibility and the image of the team are often a key factor in the funder's decision to support the project. However, introduce yourself as you are actually. It is your greatest quality! As much as we turn to the virtual world, keep in mind that people are a guarantee of success!

According to CrowdFunding statistics, projects realized by teams collect on average 94% more funds in comparison with projects managed by individual authors.


Remember that each, especially start-up project is exposed to some risk. We recommend that you think carefully about the risks that may prevent the project realization or implementation schedule. Knowledge of risk is interpreted as knowledge of the project and the environment in which it is realized. It also shows that you stand firm on the ground and that the project is not just a figment of the imagination, but backed up by mature and responsible people who have well analyzed it. Clearly expose potential risks and define exit strategies.

Message from the author:

To end the story about the project, send a clear message to the funders in two or three sentences. Do it in your own way - as you yourself would like to be approached or persuaded to support someone's project.


Present rewards clearly so the funders understand them and positively assess the value of both rewards and the project itself. Design and offer rewards funders want, little things they need, products or services that will remind them of your project...

Help them to understand that they help not only you and your project, but also provide themselves a unique experience.


To start the project and be able to receive funds raised, it is necessary to have a verified PayPal account.

Enter the email address from which you registered your PayPal account. By clicking ,,Verify" check the correctness of your e-mail address.

If you have any questions, doubts and concerns, or need assistance in preparation of the project send us an e-mail to: support@ideafunders.net