The ideaFunder$ platform is not responsible for the successful realization of projects and therefore cannot guarantee that authors will fulfill their obligations. Therefore, the project authors are solely responsible for the realization of their projects and the reward delivery.

For this purpose, the funders are made aware of the following:

IdeaFunder$ platform establishes mechanisms to monitor and control the execution of projects and fulfillment of author's obligations toward funders.

Partnership projects are prepared with the help of authorized platform partners, which means that the partners are familiar with the projects and their authors. In a way, the partners stand behind the project authenticity with their credibility and image.

For us it is very important that the funds raised through the platform are spent for specific purpose, i.e. as the authors point out in their projects. In the ,,News" section we will keep you regularly informed about the implementation of each project.

If the author does not fulfill his obligations to a funder or inappropriately spends funds his account will be suspended, and the information entered on the black list of irresponsible authors and distributed to platforms worldwide.

If you have any objection to a project or author, please inform us about it by e-mail at the following address: claims@ideafunders.net