Types of the funding

The projects presented on the ideaFunder$ platform you can support by:


If you want to help the realization of a project, and in turn you expect nothing from the author, you can make contribution (donation) in the maximum amount of 2.000 USD.

Reward-based financing

By purchasing the offered reward (reward-based crowdfunding) you support project financially, and in turn you receive the selected reward. The value of rewards is determined by the author during project preparation and can not be over 100 USD. Author of the project is obliged to deliver selected reward within the timeframe stated in the project.

Investment in the project

Investment in the project (equity-based crowdfunding) represents financial support to the project in the form of investments. For a certain amount you receive an appropriate share in the project. On the ideaFunder$ platform you have the opportunity only to book the share in the project at the price of the package that was offered by the author, or higher. The transaction itself is carried out in accordance with applicable laws.



In addition to available support options you can help authors by purchasing ideaTokenas. It is necessary to register on the platform and via SMS or & bdquo; PayPal & ldquo; buy a certain number of ideaTokens. Purchased tokens are added to your account. In & bdquo; MY TOKENS & quot; tab of your user profile, you can check the number of tokens that you can use, you can buy additional tokens, donate them to another user or the author of the selected project.

Tokens can be used to advertise the project on the homepage of the platform or to extend the duration of the project up to 90 days, but only while project is under preparation.

Tokens can be used for the purchase of F$upporter badge.


In accordance with the Law on Preventing money laundering and financing of terrorist activities, there are limitations in terms of financing of projects presented on ideaFunder$ platform.

Funder can support each project with a maximum of 2.000 USD.

Funders support to each individual project is limited to one to maximum four donations in total value upto 2.000 USD. In other words funder can donate 2.000 USD once or for instance make 4 separate donation of 500 USD each.

Value of single reward is limited to 100 USD. Funder can support each individual project by purchasing upto 4 rewards in maximum value of 100 USD ie. by purchasing rewards in total amount of max. 400 USD.

Funder can support each individual project by combining donitions and rewards in max. total amount of 2.000 USD. In other words funder can for instance donate 1.700 USD once and purchase 3 rewards in maximum value of 100 USD or donate 900 USD twice and purchase two rewards of 100 USD each.